TKAM Alumni

After reading this awesome article about my former student Patrick Murray, I contacted him for some clarification...

This is what he said:

"Glad to see that practice charts are still all the rage. I totally use them with my own students now and lots of other teaching tips I picked up from you along the way and seem to have been stored somewhere in my subconscious only to resurface when called upon!

As for that record quote, I can totally see how that could have given you a scare and you should know that it was not referencing you at all. These media things can be totally unfair- you sit down for a candid conversation with a journalist and suddenly your words come out in a totally different context or totally different words. What I think I said was that used to hate practicing (and did have tantrums where I threw my books around the room - don't know if you ever knew about that!), and I'm told I had to be coerced out of the car into my first lesson with Sheila back at the school, while she was standing at the door with her arms crossed. But I can't remember anything but having a great time at piano lessons with you.

What I value most of all from my years of lessons with Kandice was how she noticed and nurtured my budding interest in writing music. Not only did she provide me with a solid grounding in piano technique and repertoire, but a lifelong passion for making music. Her ability to sincerely connect with her students, recognize their unique talent and help them to develop and cherish it is truly special."


Patrick Murray