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The Kitchener Academy of Music

Welcome to The Kitchener Academy of Music.

We are Kitchener Waterloo's fastest-growing music school!

    Why Choose The Kitchener Academy of Music?

The Kitchener Academy of Music is finally here to bring music back to life! When you want to love learning an instrument and look forward each week to your new adventure in music, this is the place to be.  


We offer lessons for almost any instrument in any style or genre and for students of all ages and abilities. Lessons are individually tailored to meet the needs and goals of each student while being engaging, inspiring and of course - loads of fun!


The Kitchener Academy of Music is owned and directed by Kandice Kreutner who has been a music teacher for more than 35 years. Kandice is dedicated to making TKAM the most fun place on earth to take music lessons. She believes that creative & practical lessons are the way to instil the joy and love of music in the hearts of students. Her mission is to inspire the entire community to enjoy music together. 

Kandice is joined by many like-minded teachers who excel not only with their instruments but also in sharing their passion through teaching. Each teacher has a University education and has been privately taught and mentored for many years. 

The Kitchener Academy of Music offers lessons on a month to month basis, 12 months a year, 7 days a week.

The Kitchener Academy of Music is a music school born out of the love of music. Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring creativity and self-confidence through hands-on, fun lessons for all ages. We offer private as well as group classes for a huge range of instruments - all designed to bring the joy of music into the homes and lives of our community.  Here at The Kitchener Academy of Music, we offer fun, professional and inspirational music lessons, tailored to meet the goals of each student - regardless of age or ability. At our school we want you to love learning the music that you want to play.

Recently we have implemented our virtual music lessons for everything listed above. These have been so well received that we have continued these offerings, even after our brick and mortar location reopened, to international students, students living abroad for school or work, as an alternative to missed lessons due to illness or inclement weather, or for students who just prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home!


7 Days a week from 9am to 10pm!

We are proud to offer lessons for so many instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, voice, flute, drums and so many more! We love to teach every style you can think of and inspire students to practice with games and challenges. 

Our staff of highly experienced teachers is dedicated to making learning music fun, personalized and engaging!

What better time to fill your home with focused learning, new skills, fun, laughter and of course -MUSIC? 

Join us, let's bring music to life - together!


Jessica Nowak

My children have all been taking various music lessons (piano, drums and voice) from TKAM for a few years. We have had nothing but positive experiences with all of the teachers from the school.   I highly recommend this school if you are considering music lessons for yourself or for your children.


Kandice is very knowledgeable and interactive. She has a great incentive program for the children and she has great and unique teaching techniques. The studio is very cozy and inviting. I will recommend to all friends and family. I feel I get my money's worth at The Kitchener Academy of Music.


I have been an adult student of Kandice's for a number of years. As an adult with no music background it is a challenge to embark on music education. Kandice is always encouraging and patient. I'm not sure how she has such patience listening to my pieces slowly move along. She always wants to make sure that I am learning what I want to learn and tailors my lessons to meet that goal.

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