Games & Contests


Games help to make note-naming, rhythm and theory fun while reinforcing the basic fundementals of music.


We have flashcard competitions, designed to help with note-reading and finding those notes on the keys; Money for Music (my version of Jeopardy) which includes: Note naming, writing notes and the ever popular "Who am I?"; Music Feud (you guessed it - my version of Family Feud) and sometimes even the K w K Lottery 88 where students must buy a ticket and answer a musical question to enter their name (and their money) in the lottery and once a month a winner is drawn and wins all the money!  


Practice Charts


In September we have the Practice Chart Contest where students submit there own design for our famous Practice Charts. The students then vote on their favourites and the winners are copied into many colours and used throughout the year to keep track of weekly practicing. Completed charts are hung in the studio and prizes are given at the completion of a full chart. ​








Kandi's Toy Store


Keys with Kandice is known for its exclusive practice incentives, designed for motivation, encouragement and just plain fun! I use play money as an exciting reward system with an invitation to spend their hard earned dollars at "Kandi's Toy Store" on toys, books or treats. ​