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Online Music Lesson Registration

30 minute, weekly, private lessons are only $150 per month! Lessons are month to month and there is absolutely no long-term commitment required.

The Kitchener Academy of Music Online Lessons 

With so many people at home, we have extended our lesson days and times:  
7 days a week from 9am to 10pm!

We are proud to offer lessons for so many instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, voice, flute, drums and so many more! We love to teach every style you can think of and inspire students to practice with games and challenges. 

Our staff of highly experienced teachers is dedicated to making learning music fun, personalized and engaging!

There are so many benefits to online lessons, not the least of which is that you can join us to learn an instrument no matter where you are in the world! 

What better time to fill your home with focused learning, new skills, fun, laughter and of course -MUSIC? 

Join us, let's bring music to life - together!

The Kitchener Academy of Music Online Lesson Instructions
Looking for online music lessons? Awesome! Here’s how this works: 

Your teacher has a link for a Zoom Room. At the time of your lesson, just click your Zoom lesson link from a phone, iPad or laptop. You will be prompted to download or run Zoom on your device. Follow the instructions. 

Start your camera and join audio. You’ll be able to see and hear your teacher! 

Students can take a picture of their music and click “Share” and both teacher and student can view the music! Or, teachers can send a link in the “chat” for students to see music online at a specific URL. 

If you want to scan in your music and send it to our front desk ( we can get the music to your teacher. 

Your teacher will help you navigate HOW to have your lessons online but the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!! 

The Kitchener Academy of Music Zoom FAQ
Where can I find my Zoom access code?

Your Zoom access code is sent out at the beginning of the month via email! If you have any issues finding your Zoom code, or you have any questions, please contact us at and we are happy to assist you! Please note that you will be sent an updated Zoom code each month via email. 

How do I log onto my Zoom lesson? 

At the beginning of each month, you will be sent your Zoom information via email! To join your Zoom meeting, either click the link in your email, or go to, click "Join a Meeting", and enter the Meeting ID and Password you were sent. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we are happy to assist you!

Help! I can't access my Zoom lesson!

If you are having difficulties logging on to your Zoom lesson, check and make sure you are using the correct Zoom code for this month. If you are still having troubles, try accessing the meeting a different way. For example, if you usually use the link to enter, try using the Meeting ID and Password! If you usually use the Meeting ID & Password, try using the link. If you are still having issues accessing your meeting, send us an email at We understand that sometimes technology doesn't work the way we want it to! If we are unable to assist you at the moment, we will follow up with you at a later time and arrange for a make-up lesson.

When I try to log on, I receive a message saying "The Host has another meeting in progress". Why is that?

Our Zoom Rooms are updated monthly, and new Zoom Room codes are sent out at the end of each month. When you receive an error saying "The host has another meeting in progress", this means that someone is using the wrong month's Zoom code (using the April Zoom code during May, for example!). If this happens to you, log out and double check that you are  using the right month's Zoom code. If the error persists, contact us at and we are happy to assist you!

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