Dear parents and performers,


Usually, I would make a speech at the end of the concert but that is one of the things that we can't do with a virtual recital. 

That being said, we found on Saturday that there are many things we CAN do at a virtual recital that we can't do in person!


I really wanted to say that this concert gave me more of a thrill than almost any other concert we've had in more than 30 years! I absolutely LOVED it!!


The performers were completely amazing. The way that this generation is so comfortable in front of a camera, the quality of the videos, never mind the talent and creativity of the performers! (yes, there will be a lot of exclamation points in this email - I am just so excited!)


My absolute favourite thing about this recital was the fact that people performed that probably wouldn't have in person. They were able to "panda" their face if they wanted to, be anonymous if they wanted to, perform a duet or trio BY THEMSELVES!!! I mean, come on - how cool is that?


THIS is why I opened The Kitchener Academy of Music. This is what I dreamed of.  Sure there were some mistakes (which I didn't hear...) but you and your children took the time to set up, dress up, rehearse and perform (and I'm sure most of them weren't done in one take) and then send them in to us. 


If I'm completely honest, the ones that brought the most joy and thrill to my heart were the ones that were a little off, or only a few chords - THOSE performers are the ones this school was intended to find. I wanted a place where you or your children or your parents or your friends or your favourite shower singer could go to learn those songs in their hearts, to try that instrument they always wanted to play. I just want every single person to have their chance to follow a dream - like I did. 


Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love the stellar performances where you just know this kid or this person is "going somewhere" with their talent. I know they are in good hands and will have many opportunities ahead of them because I am very, very careful to hire teachers that are not only extremely talented and educated but that have a passion to bring music into the hearts and homes of our community. 


So, thank you. Thank you to each parent, each student, each supporter, and each encourager for taking the chance with online lessons and making them such a success. Thank you for making your space a comfortable place for these wonderful musicians to perform. Thank you to each teacher (all of the teachers were on Whatsapp watching the Serenade and cheering students on and loving every minute!) for your inspiration and dedication to instill the love of music into your students. 


Thank you all for making Saturday a dream come true for me, I hope that we can do the same for every one of you. 


Notably yours,