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About TKAM

Welcome to The Kitchener Academy of Music, where we bring music to life!


As Kitchener-Waterloo's fastest-growing music school, we are dedicated to making your musical adventure enjoyable and enriching.

Why Choose TKAM?

At The Kitchener Academy of Music, we believe in infusing the joy of music into every lesson. Here's why we stand out:

A Personalized Approach

Our lessons cater to almost any instrument, style, or genre, accommodating students of all ages and abilities. Each lesson is crafted to meet the individual needs and goals of our students, ensuring an engaging and inspiring learning experience.

Qualified Instructors

Our team comprises university-educated teachers who have undergone extensive private teaching and mentoring. They not only excel in their instruments but also share their passion for music through effective teaching methods.

Passionate Leadership

Owned and directed by Kandice Kreutner, a music teacher with over 35 years of experience, The Kitchener Academy of Music is on a mission to be the most enjoyable place for music lessons. Kandice and our team of like-minded teachers share a commitment to instilling the joy and love of music in every student's heart.

Flexible Scheduling

Lessons are offered on a month-to-month basis, 12 months a year, and 7 days a week, providing flexibility to accommodate busy schedules.

Learn More About The Perks of Being a TKAM Student!

Our Story

At The Kitchener Academy of Music, our commitment is to inspire creativity and self-confidence through fun, hands-on lessons. Whether you're looking for private or group classes, our goal is to bring the joy of music into the homes and lives of our community.


Join us for professional, inspirational, and, most importantly, enjoyable music lessons tailored to your goals, regardless of age or ability. Discover the love for learning the music you want to play with us!

Meet The Team



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