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Camps at The Kitchener Academy of Music

We are so excited to announce the details for our PD Day Camps and Summer Camps!

Registration is now open and current students receive 10% off of their PD Day camp registration!


PD Day Camp:
Go Baroque (Making Music History FUN!)

Music history can be EXCITING, just ask our resident history buff Sid! Craft fancy composer wigs, dance the minuet, and learn lots of fun facts to impress your friends with. Join us on your PD Day - no experience necessary!

Ages: 6+

Date: April 21st 2023, 9:00 - 3:00

Price: $59.99


PD Day Camp:
Drumming & Rhythm Day 2

Learn even more about rhythm with a day full of drumming and percussion activities! No experience necessary. Campers do not need to have done Drumming & Rhythm Day 1 to enjoy this camp!

Ages: 6+

Date: June 2nd 2023, 9:00 - 3:00

Price: $59.99


Summer Camp:
Musical Beginnings

Join us for one or both of our week-long introduction to music camps! Each day, campers will learn about an element of music through games, activities, and songs. They will have the opportunity to explore instruments, as well as make their own to take home at the end of the week! Includes a final performance on the last day.

Please Note: You are welcome to register for either weeks or both! Week 2 will feature different musical elements and activities than Week 1.

Ages: 4 to 6

Dates: July 10th - 14th and/or July 24th - 28th

Time: 9am - 1pm

Price: $250 per camper for one week OR $450 for both weeks 


Summer Camp:
Musical Me!

Our new camp for 2023!

Campers will spend each day learning about music through exciting theory/history based activities like escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and more. Mixed in with lessons on various instruments and DIY instrument-making, this is going to be LOADS of fun. No experience necessary.

Ages: 6 and up

Dates: July 17th to July 21st

Time: 9am - 3pm

Price: $400 per camper


Summer Camp:
DIY Ukulele Camp

In this camp, students get to make and decorate their own ukulele to take home! While they set-up their ukulele, they also learn basic chords and strumming patterns to play songs. Mixed in with music games and activities, this camp is perfect for any kiddo interested in music - no experience necessary!

Ages: 6 and up

Dates: July 31st to August 4th

Time: 9am - 3pm

Price: $400 per camper

Summer Camp Posters Insta.png

One-Day Summer Camp:
Video Game Music Day

Do your kiddos love video games? Then this is the perfect music camp for them!


Our teacher Jack will tell you all about why you can’t get that one Zelda tune out of your head, what makes video game music sound good, and why you need good music in your games. No experience necessary.


Ages: 6 and up

Date: August 11th, 9am to 3pm

Ages: 6 and up

Dates: August 11th

Time: 9am - 3pm

Price: $80 per camper

Before care & after care

  • Before care will be offered from 8:00/8:30 - 9:00 am for most camps. ​
  • After care will be offered from 3:00 - 3:30/4:00 pm for most camps. ​
  • $10/half hour, sign-up will be sent to you once your camp registration is confirmed!
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