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Glasses and Music Sheet

Policies & Procedures

Welcome to The Kitchener Academy of Music, where our commitment to musical education is paired with a structured and supportive learning environment. Our lesson policies and procedures ensure a harmonious experience for both students and instructors, fostering a passion for music while maintaining a professional and organized approach to learning


Lessons are $150 per month for 30 minute weekly lessons for any instrument including voice. For longer lessons, please inquire at the front desk.


All payments are processed by Pre-Authorized Debit (or PAD agreement), or by authorized credit card on the first of the month. A $35 NSF fee will be charged for returned payments. A $20 late fee will be charged for E-Transfers sent after the 5th of the month.


Tuition is never prorated for missed lessons. Tuition does not include any retail teaching materials such as books or instruments. 

Average of Four Lessons per Month

Monthly tuition is based on the number of weeks (according to your day) divided by 12 months.


In the long months, you will get five months, short months such as November and December, you will get three lessons, and most months you will get four lessons.


The tuition is the SAME each month; i.e. we don’t charge you more when you have five lessons, and we don’t charge you less when you have three lessons in a month. This makes everyone’s accounting easier.

Late Policies

In the event that a student is late for their lesson without notice, their teacher will wait for 15 minutes (for a 30 minute lesson, or 20/25 minutes for a 45/60 minute lesson respectively).


After this time, your lesson is considered forfeited. Please respect your teacher's time, and notify us in advance if you will be absent or late for a lesson.

Cancellations & Makeups

For any lessons missed by a teacher, the Academy will attempt to provide a substitute teacher. If a substitute teacher is unavailable, a private makeup lesson with the teacher will be scheduled promptly.


For any lessons missed by a student, the Academy holds a one hour group make up class 2 Saturdays a month. The classes are age and level appropriate and are held between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. You are welcome to pick a make-up class for ANY instrument (not just the one you are currently studying) or any class that interests you!  To sign up for a makeup class please visit our website and click on “missed lesson”  to choose a date and time that suits your family.

Inclement Weather

The safety of our staff and students is of the utmost importance to The Kitchener Academy of Music. In the event of a severe weather warning, lessons may be moved online at your teacher's discretion.


Additionally, students have the option to move their lesson online with notice to the academy. If a student does not attend their online lesson, it will be considered a missed lesson and our regular policy will apply. 

Long Weekends & Statutory Holidays

We are very fortunate to have many long weekends in Canada but if you are home, we are open for lessons. (Unless otherwise stated in your teacher's calendar.)


If you are away, please make sure to let the front desk and your teacher know in time for you to be invited for a makeup class (24 hours notice at least). We are happy to offer unlimited makeup classes with no expiry dates for our students. They are held on at least two Saturdays every month. 

Summer Vacations & Holidays

TKAM operates year-round and does not close for the summer or on long weekends. Throughout the year, each teacher will have 4 weeks of holidays - they are NOT included in tuition. Your teacher’s holiday schedule and calendar will be given to you at your first lesson. If they have no plans to be away at the time of your registration, the front desk will notify you when your teacher books their time off.  

Please note: We are so fortunate to have very talented musicians as teachers at TKAM. There will be times when your teacher is either rehearsing or performing and won’t be able to teach you at your regular lesson time. Not to worry - your teacher will be happy to make up these missed lessons with you privately. (Please feel free to attend your teacher’s performances when it’s convenient!)

Summer Lessons

There are 3 options for summer lessons:                                                                            

1. Continue lessons, as usual, taking holidays as needed and booking makeup classes for missed weeks (even if you're gone for a whole month!). 

2. Sublet your lesson spot to a friend or family member and have them reimburse you for the lessons they use. 

3. Withdraw from lessons. This is always an option but please be advised that once you withdraw, you must re-register in the fall and we cannot guarantee your day, time, or even that your teacher will be able to fit you in after the summer rush of new students.

Have more questions about summer lessons? Click HERE

Discontinuing Lessons

To discontinue lessons and to corresponding charges to your account, fill out the withdrawal form before the 15th of your last month. We do not prorate tuition for the last month’s lessons.


Students will be responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons. Our lessons auto-renew monthly unless we receive cancellation notice by the deadline.

Open Door Policy

Parents are always allowed to sit in on lessons. We have an open-door policy for lessons. 

Care of Students & Picking Up

The school is not responsible for providing before or aftercare for students. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time periods before or after their lessons. 

Children must wait for their parents to pick them up inside the Academy. Please do not ask them to meet you elsewhere. TKAM assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.


Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students or their siblings before, during, or after lesson time, including hearing loss or hearing damage. The Kitchener Academy of Music is not responsible for any damage done to vehicles or items stolen from vehicles. 

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