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Piano Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Find solutions to your common queries about our music school. Explore our FAQ page for straightforward information and make the most of your musical journey with us!

What do you learn in music lessons?

At our Academy, we believe in the magic of personalized lessons that cater to your unique style and goals. Our teachers craft custom plans for students of all ages, ensuring an exciting and engaging learning experience. Choose us for a journey where your first lesson involves diving into your favorite music, setting goals, and unleashing the full potential of your musical aspirations.

How old should my child be before they start lessons?

We typically recommend the ages listed below, but we can start slightly younger if they are very eager!

  • Intro to Music: 4-6

  • Vocal: 4+

  • Piano: 5+

  • Violin: 5+

  • Drums: 6+

  • Guitar: 7+

Do you offer adaptive lessons?

At TKAM, our private lessons cater to individual needs, but we currently don't provide adaptive lessons or music therapy. If you're seeking these, check our post on the difference:


We appreciate your understanding as we explore these possibilities in the future!

Can I take longer lessons?

Certainly! We happily offer longer lessons upon request – both 45-minute and 60-minute sessions are available! Extended lessons provide a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the musical journey, allowing for a more thorough and enriching learning experience!

Do I need my own instrument for lessons?

Yes, you'll need your own instrument to progress in lessons. Renting is a great option for a short trial period. We can recommend rentals or retail options. We have some instruments on-site for your initial lessons. Contact us for details!

What style do you teach?

Explore diverse musical styles with us! From rock to jazz, country to classical – we teach it all. Unleash your passion at our Academy, where every note played is a step towards mastering musical richness!

Can I sit in on my child's lessons?

Parents, join in the musical fun! Our open-door policy welcomes you to be part of your child's lessons. Step in, share the joy, and enjoy the journey together!

Can I have a varying lesson time from week to week?


Can I only take lessons two weeks each month?

While we currently can't accommodate alternating lesson weeks or varied lesson times, we want to assure you that our lessons are scheduled consistently each week. On the bright side, there's no need for a long-term commitment as our lessons are conveniently invoiced month to month!

Can I take lessons with my kid/sibling/parent?

Our lessons are private, ensuring dedicated attention to individual goals. We're pleased to offer options for simultaneous lessons with different teachers or back-to-back sessions with the same teacher to accommodate your preferences!

Should I do in person lessons, or Zoom?

Zoom lessons bring the convenience of learning from home. In-person sessions, especially for young or beginner students, offer clearer visibility for aspects like posture and hand positioning.


Still unsure? Give both a try! Many students seamlessly blend in-person with Zoom lessons, providing flexibility during travel or when feeling unwell.

What Our Students & Families Say

Piano Keyboard

Bryan N.

"I've been enrolled at TKAM for several months now. My experience has been excellent so far. The teachers are knowledgeable and the support staff have been very helpful. If you're in the market for lessons, definitely check them out."
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