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Music Production

Music Production Lessons

30 minute, weekly, private lessons are only $150 per month! Lessons are month to month and there is absolutely no long-term commitment required.

We offer both in-person lessons, online lessons, or a blend of both!

Professional Headphones

Join our Music Production and Audio Engineering Program, taught exclusively with Logic Pro, to gain the essential knowledge and tools for creating professional-quality music.

Our Music Production and Audio Engineering Program, exclusively taught using Logic Pro, is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools essential for creating professional-sounding music.


Our lessons are customized to your interests, providing focused guidance on the methods, techniques, and tools required to bring your musical vision to life. Delve into the art of record production and audio engineering, crafting music that resonates with others. With the accessibility of Music Production at an all-time high, seize the opportunity to explore and embark on your journey of recording and producing music today!


Enrich your learning experience with our music production lessons, where our instructors, all with formal music education, ensure lessons are grounded in essential production skills and techniques!

We want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to record and produce professional-sounding music. Our lessons are focused on what YOU want to learn and the methods, techniques, and tools to help you achieve it. Explore and learn the art of record production and audio engineering to make music that other people will love!


Music Production is more accessible than it's ever been. Dive in and start learning how to record and produce music today!

$150/month for weekly 30 minute private lessons, with a one-time $25 registration fee. Longer lessons are available upon request, contact us at for more information on extended lessons.

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Music Production Lessons at TKAM

What Will I Learn?

Embark on a comprehensive music production journey with us. Learn essential gear requirements, master Digital Audio Workspaces like Logic Pro X and Garage Band for Apple/Mac users, understand signal flow in home studio setups, and create custom sounds using synthesizers. Dive into recording, editing, and mixing live and MIDI instruments with added effects. Explore instrument processing techniques, virtual instruments, audio-related software, and pitch correction tools like Melodyne. Gain vital computer literacy skills tailored for music production. Our program equips you with the fundamentals for a successful music production endeavor.

What Our Clients Say

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Marius A.

"Such a great experience. My son loves The Kitchener Academy of Music!"
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