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Adult Music Student Coffee House

This April, we had the pleasure of hosting our first coffee house for our adult students!

At the start of this year, we noticed that our population of adults students had grown so much since we opened in 2020! We have adult students learning almost every instrument we offer now - drums, piano, fiddle, voice, and saxophone!

One of our goals at TKAM is to bring music back to the community. So, it was clear that it was time to start really focusing on and fostering a sense of community within TKAM's mature student population.

Our teachers Sid and Cassie planned and ran the event, with a great turn out of students!


The afternoon began with a quick ice breaker - TKAM bingo!

Every student was encouraged to go around and find a person for each square of their bingo card. For example a square would say 'Can play the saxophone' or 'Has children who take lessons at TKAM.'

It led to some fun discussions and we all learned a bit about each other!


Relaxed and supportive environment

After enjoying some coffee and treats, everyone convened in The Grand Room for an hour of relaxed performances and music sharing.

We are so grateful to have been able to share the supportive environment that the adult students created for one another!

Each student shared a piece they were working on in their lessons. We had multiple performances on piano and violin, as well songs performed by our vocal students!


Plans for more!

Thanks to all the positive feedback and input from our adult students, TKAM is excited to offer more performance and collaboration opportunities for them!

We look forward to hosting more coffeehouses throughout the year, with a theme for each one. Each theme will be determined by the students, based on what they want to learn and/or are looking for support with.

Our next coffeehouse will feature group drumming and rhythm exercises to help our adult students with music theory - in an engaging way!

Keep a lookout for updates through our social media and newsletter!


We so appreciate and admire TKAM's community of adult students! Feeling inspired? It's never too late to start or continue your musical journey.

Please reach out if you're interested in lessons, or in our next Coffee House.


Or fill out a request info form on our website!

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