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Instrument Guide - Violin

The violin is a beautiful - yet sometimes complicated instrument! There is a lot to consider when renting or purchasing your violin, but we're here to help.


What type of violin should I get?

There are a few different models of violins - student, intermediate, and professional.

Student violins are more affordable as they use lower quality wood and plastic parts. This is not a bad thing - as this will rarely make a difference to a beginner violin student. Especially if you are not sure how long you will continue learning!

Intermediate violins are primarily for students who have been studying for a while now - and are ready to upgrade their student model.

Professional violins are top quality. They are made with high quality woods and often made almost entirely by hand. Professional models are a good fit for those who have been studying violin for a few years.


What size of violin do I need?

If you're an adult student - it's likely you will be using a full size violin.

However, to be sure, you can measure from your neck to the middle of your left palm and compare to a sizing chart.

For students who are children, this is a great idea as sizing makes a difference!


What comes with the violin?

For student models, a bow will often come with the violin.

Students will also need a shoulder rest. There are many different types of shoulder rests - and your teacher will guide you on which type and size you will be using in your lessons.

You will also need rosin! Rosin is made from tree resin, and is rubbed on the bow so that the bow is sticky and creates friction against the strings (creating the lovely violin sound). Violinists tend to use a lighter rosin, which we recommend picking up before your first lesson.


Do I need a violin for my first lesson?

Short answer: Yes!

You don't need to buy right away - as renting is a possibility. However, we do recommend having your own violin so that you can get started playing the instrument RIGHT AWAY!

There are many places to find a violin:

Riedstra's Violin Shop

Long & McQuade

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