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Summer Lesson FAQs

Q. How do lessons work in the summer? 

A. The Academy is open year round- we do not close for summer. 


Q. Do a lot of students withdraw during the summer? 

A. Since introducing online lessons, we have had many new enrolments plus the overwhelming number of families who are returning for in-person lessons. Some students will still choose to withdraw but with the number of new students signing up, the option of online lessons, combination lessons and the fact that so many families are choosing shorter trips or are staying closer to home, withdrawals are at an all time low. 


Q. If we withdraw for the summer, can we keep our spot for fall? 

A. Lessons are first come first serve, so if you withdraw for the summer, we cannot guarantee that we will have a spot for you in the Fall as we will open the spot to the new students. Because of the new schedules that will come from the safety protocols and the need for a space between lessons, there will be a good chance that after a withdrawal, families will lose their favourite day and or time.Please note that when you re-register in the fall, you will be paying our current lesson rate of $125/month, and you will need to pay our $25 registration fee.


Q. What happens if our teacher is away? 

A. Most of our teachers have 4 weeks of vacation over the year - please ask your teacher for their summer schedule if you haven't already received it. If your teacher will be away for more than 4 weeks, either a substitute teacher will be found or your teacher will reschedule a private make up at a mutually agreed upon time. (as stated in our Policies and Procedures) 


The big questions for all parents and students to consider are: 


Do you want to stay with the same teacher in the Fall? Would you like to keep your day and/or time for the Fall? 


If the answer is YES there are 2 ways to do this: 


1. Take advantage of our summer make up lessons 

We realize that some of our students go on vacation for a portion of the summer. By signing up for our virtual group make up classes you will be able to continue your progress and keep the same teacher and spot for Fall. 

It's very easy to do, just go to our website: and click 'Missed a Lesson?'

Remember: there is no limit to the number of make-up classes you can have and they never expire.

2. Sublease your spot to a family or friend. 

You can send a family member or friend in your place for the dates you will miss. Just let your teacher or I know who is coming in your place and when. Make sure that your friend or family member reimburses you directly for the lessons.


If you are taking summer lessons and need a specific time for the Fall, please contact us in August and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


We are hoping that most of you will take advantage of these options if you are planning on going away for vacation over the summer. There will be students who will withdraw and have been with their teacher for many years. We are trying to avoid disappointment when they return in the Fall to possibly find their day and time has been filled. 


If you LOVE your teacher, keep your spot by using the summer makeups or sublease your spot. 

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