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All about Musical Ladder!

You may have noticed an impressive change in our waiting room over the last few months!

Well, we've recently added a large display of trophies and colourful wristbands beside our Front Desk. We are so excited to show off our new amazing practice incentive for our students - the Musical Ladder!

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What is The Musical Ladder?

The Musical Ladder is a new program we've introduced to The Kitchener Academy of Music. It's not only a way to motivate students to practice, but also a program designed to create smart goal setting between our students and their teachers!

Every three months, students and their teachers come up with challenge for the student to do! This can be: memorizing scales, finishing a piece, completing a practice chart, etc.

Our teachers love to get creative with their students' challenges, so that the goals are tailored to the student and what they're working towards in their lessons.

Now here's the best part: when students complete their challenges, they receive awards like trophies, wristbands, and certificates signed by their teacher!

We are the only school in Kitchener-Waterloo offering this motivating and fun experience for its students.

So many parents have shared that the Musical Ladder has created excitement around going to music lessons and increased their children's practicing!


Time to Start Climbing!

Let's get your kiddo climbing that musical ladder! You're going to notice how excited they are to attend their lessons, and work on their challenge at home.

Reach out to us at to sign your child up for the best music lessons in Kitchener!

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