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Sid Learns Drums with Josh

Hey it's Sid - and I'm here with another update on my Musical Journey. About three months ago, I took on another role at TKAM - as a drum student!

Ever since learning kit in high school band, I have loved drumming. Playing the drum kit is so fun, and cathartic! Finally I decided to just go for it, and signed up for lessons with Josh.

Last week, Josh and I put together a video to show everyone how FUN drum lessons are!

Have you ever wondered what a drum lesson was like? Maybe you have kids who are interested in learning? Well keep reading, and checkout our video at the end, to see what my drum lesson with Josh was like!


Starting With a Warm-Up

Josh tends to bring a different warm-up activity to each lesson - and it keeps me on my toes! This week, we focused on stick handling.

Josh asked me to try paradiddles and double paradiddles played on all the drums. Paradiddles are made of a pattern - you play right hand (RH), left hand, RH, RH and vice versa.

Starting with a warm-up helps get the brain and arms ready for a half hour of focus and coordination.


Learning My Favourite Music

All of the teachers at TKAM want their students to learn the music they like!

Josh and I usually pick one song to work on and learn. The past couple weeks I've been playing through "Kyoto" by Pheobe Bridgers. In this lesson, I played through the song, with Josh helping me through any parts that I forgot or needed help with.

I also decided that I wanted to learn "Master of Puppets"! Josh and I listened to the opening of the song, and Josh somehow figured out the intro BY EAR!

Josh and I spent the last ten minutes of my lesson working on the intro to Master of Puppets. It was so much fun!

drum lessons in waterloo ontario

Checkout The Video!

Josh and I recorded the entire lesson so you can see what our drum lesson is like! Check it out below:

Interested in drum lessons? Reach out to us via today!

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