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DIY Ukulele Camp!

Imagine getting to get build and paint your own ukulele! That's what our campers got to do this past week.

In Ukulele Camp, each camper got to customize their own ukulele to take home. And wow, they turned out amazing!

Here are some of the designs:


Building and Painting The Ukuleles

Our first morning of camp was spent sanding and painting our ukuleles.

Our campers were provided with all the supplies to make cool designs on their ukulele. Each of the students' ukuleles were unique! The ukulele designs included a sunset over a lake, a cow theme, skull and bones, and flowers.


Building Ukuleles

Our students learned about the anatomy of the ukulele by building them! With help from Ellie, the campers used tools and glue to construct the instruments.

After the glue set, it was time to put on the strings and complete our ukuleles! Each student learned how to string and tune their ukes.


Movement to Music & Outdoor Breaks

We were so lucky to have an hour with TKAM's very own dance teacher, Meghan. Being able to move to the beat and rhythm of music is important in music education!

We also played a variety of games outside during our breaks.


Learning to Play The Ukulele

After finally finishing our ukuleles and tuning the strings, it was time to learn how to play! Our teacher Ellie taught our campers chords and songs, while Cassie taught us how to sing AND play at the same time!

Here's a video of our campers playing the first song they learned: Row Row Row Your Boat!


A Great Week of Camp

Thank you to our campers for such a fantastic week of learning and fun! A huge thank you to Ellie for planning and leading the camp, as well as Cassie, Meghan, and Sid for their help throughout the week.

And of course, thank you to our volunteer Selina!

Interested in having your child attend one of our music camps? Please email us at to learn more about our PD Day, March Break, and Summer Camps.

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