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Instrument Exploration Camp

Our summer of musical camps started off on a great note with our Instrument Exploration Camp! From 9am - 3pm, our campers spent time learning all about music and trying various instruments each day.

Our mornings started with an hour of group music making and music activities. These included boomwhacker choirs, movement to music, and songs that helped us practice rhythms.

Our teacher Cassie led boomwhacker activities on Wednesday.

And our teacher and camp leader Sid led rhythm activities on all other mornings. Pictured above is our campers using scarves to practice note duration and rhythm.


The chance to try every instrument

Each day featured group lessons on two different instruments! Our campers used their "musical passport" to keep track of the instruments they tried and important information about each one.

On our first day of camp, Sidney led lessons on piano and Cassie taught us vocals. After a morning of music making and lessons, we regrouped to learn about Music History. Sidney led our campers through an activity based on learning the eras of music and all the cool composers that have written music. And before heading home, Cassie taught our campers rhythm games!


Tuesday: Guitar & Drums

Our teacher, Josh, joined us for Day 2! After an hour of morning music, our campers broke into groups to take lessons on guitar and drums.

The campers learned about the parts of a guitar, how to read TAB, and learned two chords!

Josh taught our Drums & Percussion classes, in which we all got to make our own shakers!

In the afternoon, Sid taught us about the history of rock and roll, while Josh helped us make mini rock bands!


Wednesday: Recorder & Musical Theatre

Ellie and Cassie lead Day 3 of camp! They started the morning leading the campers in boomwhacker activities, before teaching recorder and musical theatre.

In recorder, we focused on learning how to play different notes and how to turn that into a song! Musical Theatre Class focused on getting up in front of others and being confident.

In the afternoon, Jack stopped by to teach everyone about Video Game music. We learned what makes music great for video games, and how to create our own.


Thursday: Ukulele & Songwriting

Ellie taught us all about the ukulele on Thursday. Our campers learned a variety of chords to play songs like "London Bridge" and "Row Row Row Your Boat." We also used dynamics on the ukulele to play hide and seek - using loud and quiet strumming to indicate hot or cold!

Sidney led through multiple songwriting activities - including making your own character for the Aiken Drum song!

Ellie brought her amazing Music Theory Jeopardy board for us to try in the afternoon!


Friday: Intro To Strings & Music Escape Room

On our last day, our violin and viola teacher Lauren joined us to give us an introduction to the string instruments!

In the afternoon, our campers completed multiple escape rooms by using their newfound music theory and instrument knowledge.

A huge thank you to all of the teachers who brought their knowledge and fun music activities to camp.

Thank you to our volunteer Sabrina for helping throughout the entire week!

And thank you to our campers for being open to trying new instruments, learning, and having fun!

Interested in signing your child up for camp? We offer summer camps, March Break camps, and PD Day camps.

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