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Help Music Get You Through The Winter Blues

Winter Blues is the real deal and even more so now dealing with a pandemic. The Kitchener Academy of Music family wants to help get you through these tough times with celebrating music!

"Winter Blues" refers to a psychological disorder called "Seasonal Affective Disorder aka SAD". If you suffer from this you might notice mood changes in the fall and continuing through until the spring.

Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty maintaining weight, experiencing weight gain or loss

  • Lethargy and feelings of depression or hopelessness

  • Increased irritability

  • Feelings of social withdrawal and disinterest in doing anything

  • Losing interest in things you used to love

  • Changes in appetite- cravings to specific foods or adversities to things you used to love

  • Changes in your sleeping habits

  • Body aches and feeling like your limbs are heavy when you move around

  • Increased stress and anxiety

  • Reduced energy

Good news is music can help you! The positive benefits from maintaining your memory as you age to helping you prepare for a test proves that music offers many positive benefits.

Listening to music

There is no doubt listening to music puts you in a better mood. Whether it is listening to your favourite band on the way to work in the car or pumping up the tunes during a sweat session, listening to music makes you feel uplifted and interested in the world around you.

Playing an instrument

When your mind is given the opportunity to focus on something new, you can more easily shake your SAD symptoms. So the next time you are feeling blue pick up that guitar and strum some chords!

Taking music lessons

This is our favourite! Taking music lessons is a great way to get rid of those winter blues! Maybe you already know how to play an instrument and are looking to learn a new one or maybe you want to learn how to sing! Now has never been a better time to take interest in a new hobby and expand your mind!

With shorter days and colder weather it’s only natural for your body to struggle to adjust. We want to help you! Experience The Kitchener Academy of Music and the positive benefits it will have on your mind, body and soul!

Get started today! Click Here to sign up for online lessons!

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