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Musical Theatre Camp

Upcoming actors and actresses performed their hearts out during TKAM's musical theatre summer camp!

Our wonderful musical theatre teacher, Lorinda, taught our campers the what and the who of musical theatre. Basically, they learned what you need to know and be able to do if you want to be a musical theatre performer!


The Magic of Theatre

Broadway shows not only feel magical - but can also contain magic tricks! Campers learned about costumes and how quick changes get done on stage, as well as other stage magic tricks that fool the audience!

Lorinda also lead discussions about the elements of storytelling and how music features within the plot of a musical.

Campers were lead through acting, singing, and dancing practice each day to work on the skills needed in a musical theatre production!

With help from our fabulous TKAM staff, each camper designed costumes, character and wrote a story.


Making Friends & Memories

Lorinda's goal for Musical Theatre camps was firstly to be enjoyable, fun, and less stressful than being in a real stage show.

Campers not only had singing lessons, acting lessons, AND dancing lessons, but were also given time to let loose in music and theatre games! We also love to give the campers free time to socialize and bond.


Final Performances!

Our campers are so excited to share the songs they worked on during their camp. Check out their performances below:


Interested in our next Musical Theatre Camp? Feel free to send us an email at or head to to learn more!

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