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Playlist: TKAM Teacher Hits

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

At TKAM, we love to show off our fabulous teachers!

One of the many reasons we think our teachers are amazing is because many of them are regularly recording and releasing their own music!

Checkout our playlist "TKAM Teacher Hits" to hear our fantastic teachers in action:

We are regularly updating this playlist as more and more of our teachers release music! Learn more about these artists below:


Joshua Pascua

Josh is a new addition to the TKAM team - and such a welcome one at that.

Josh teaches a variety of instruments. If you're interested in piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, or voice lessons - he just may be your teacher!

Besides teaching at TKAM, Josh is a singer/songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist. He focuses his sound around pop, soul, and funk qualities. He pays close attention to detail on the lyrics he sets his songs to, aiming to inspire and invigorate listeners.

Josh is also popular around the tri-city and Toronto area for his amazing Bruno Mars cover band! He is regularly performing gigs so keep an eye on his Instagram @joshuapascuamusic for updates.


Nikki Ferreira

Nikki teaches guitar lessons, voice lessons, and beginner piano lessons at the studio!

She frequently collaborates with her friend Tyler, who does lyrics and production, while Nikki handles the melody and vocals.

Nikki also writes her own original songs and may release them in the near future!


Safe as Houses

Two of our teachers are actually in a band together!

Lauren and Andrew make up part of the five-piece alternative folk band, Safe as Houses. Lauren teaches violin lessons at TKAM, while Andrew teaches guitar lessons and piano lessons.

Safe as Houses' music is a HIT around the studio - and many of our teachers are excited for the new music they are currently working on!

You can keep up to date on their releases and performances by following them on Instagram: @safeashouses_official

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