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Drums & Percussion Camp

Drums are by far one of the most popular instruments here at TKAM. We have many students of all ages taking weekly drum lessons and living their rockstar fantasy at our studio!

Our drum-loving campers took it a step further this month, by participating in an entire week of drum and percussion lessons!


Music Workshops

Our campers and teachers spent the week doing a variety of intro to music lessons! These included a lesson on composition - where the group wrote and performed a song on the boomwhackers.

We also spent time bucket drumming! We used this time to explore and learn about improvisation through group and solo improvising.

The campers were able to explore a plethora of drumming and percussion instruments. Campers explored and were given lessons on the different families of percussion instruments.

Campers were able to try:

  • Battery percussion - drum kit, snare, bass drum

  • Keyboard percussion - marimba and glockenspiel

  • Hand drums - congas, bongos, darbuka

  • Auxiliary percussion - a variety of shakers, the tambourine, triangle, and windchimes


Music Crafts & Outdoor Games

Teachers Max and Ryan brought the items needed for campers to make their own shakers they could take home!

Ryan also lead outdoor water games for a nice movement and break from the summer heat.


Interested in Drum Lessons?

We teach private drum lessons to all ages! Please reach out to to learn more about our lessons.

Keep an eye out for our Drumming & Rhythm PD day camps running on January 20th and June 2nd 2023.

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