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The Kitchener Academy of Music's Group Makeup Lessons

There are so many reasons why TKAM stands out as an amazing music studio! One of the unique opportunities at TKAM are our group make-up classes.

At TKAM, we believe in giving our students a music education that's as diverse as a mixtape of their favourite tunes.

Held on a weekly basis, these classes are a great opportunity for our students to get a more well-rounded music education, covering different musical concepts throughout the year. Ever thought about becoming a songwriting superstar or strumming a new instrument? We've got you covered!

beginner guitar lessons kitchener ontario

Whenever a student misses their regularly scheduled lesson and provides advance notice, they receive a credit to one of our group makeup classes. These credits never expire!

Students get to makeup their missed lesson by using their makeup credit to attend a group makeup class. So many of our students enjoy choosing the class they wish to take from our regularly updated schedule!

Whether you're taking piano lessons, violin lessons, or singing lessons, you can sign up for ANY group makeup class you're interested in!

Our classes cover all the popular instruments: piano, guitar, drums, violin and ukulele. And for all you vocalists out there, we've got singing-focused classes that'll make your voice soar like a superstar!

Looking for more examples of our fun makeup classes? Keep reading!

drum lessons kitchener ontario

Into video games? We have a video game music class where students will learn the soundtracks of popular games.

Want more out of your practice at home? Our class on how to practice effectively will come in handy!

Our drumming games class is a fun way to learn about timing and rhythm.

Ever wonder what a conductor does in an orchestra? We have a class to teach students just that and the basic skills of conducting.

Group make-up classes are a great way for students to make new friends with like-minded kids that also love music! Since we rotate the teachers running the class each week, students also have the opportunity to learn from different music teachers, widening their horizons and fleshing out their techniques.

And for you adult students, we offer mature student classes and workshops on specific instruments!

Ready to use your makeup class credit? Take a peek at this season's dynamic classes and sign up!

Interested in taking music lessons with The Kitchener Academy of Music? Send us an email today at

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