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Musical Beginnings Summer Camp

Our campers had a BLAST last week at our musical beginnings camp. We had twelve campers ranging from four to six years old.

Each day was full of music activities focused around one element of music! Our focuses included pitch, tempo, duration, and a variety of dynamic levels.

Both the song we learned, and the craft we made every day centred around one of these musical elements! This provided our younger campers with an enriching introduction to music.


Beginner Music Lessons

We receive lots of inquiries from parents asking "What age should my child start music lessons?"

And that's what gave us the idea to host two weeks of Musical Beginnings Camp!

Through focusing on one element of music per day, our young campers follow a curriculum that prepares them for private music lessons! So essentially, each half-day is an enriching beginner music lesson.

For example, our campers crafted these straw flutes to help them learn about the direction of pitch!


Final Performance

On our last day, our campers performed all the songs they learned throughout the week! Checkout one of the first songs we learned - Do Re Mi!

This song helped our campers learn about the words we use to help us sing!


Week Two in August!

Our camp leaders, Ellie and Sid, are SO excited to run Musical Beginnings again this August - with entirely new songs and crafts!

This half-day musical summer camp will run from 9am to 1pm. Our daily schedule follows as:

9am: Morning Music w/ Sid

Our teacher Sid runs a forty-five minute music group full of children's songs that facilitate early music education!

10am: Rhythm and melody lessons | and learn an element of music

11am: Lunch

11:45am: Learn and craft a new instrument

12:30pm: Practice our songs

1pm: Home!

Interested in our next Musical Beginnings Camp? Feel free to send us an email at or head to to learn more!


Thank you to our fabulous campers!

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