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TKAM Staff's Favourite Movie Soundtracks & Film Scores

Did you know this past Monday April 3rd was National Film Score day?!

To celebrate, Sid asked our TKAM teachers to share their favourite movie soundtracks and scores! We love encouraging our students to explore new genres, and learn their favourite songs/pieces in their piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, or whatever instrument they're learning.

Did your favourite movie make the cut? Keep reading to find out - and drop your recommendations in the comments.

Don't forget to checkout our playlist on Spotify to listen to them!


1. Cars - Kyla

"This soundtrack and score is super nostalgic for me! We had the CD when I was a kid and I used to sing along to it all the time.

I love the way Randy Newman writes - his music is so filled with emotion. Also I named my old vehicle after one of the songs!"

We chose to include the song Real Gone by Sheryl Crow as this is a great song of the soundtrack, and is a fun song for students taking beginner guitar lessons to practice their power chords!


2. The Greatest Showman - Shae Lynn

"I like the greatest showman soundtrack because it's very uplifting to me.

The songs (to me) represent determination, resilience, as well as acceptance."

Checkout: This is Me!


3. La La Land - Natalia


4. Little Women - Natalia

"I really like the instrumentation, it’s orchestrated really well and has a lot of piano weaving in with percussion and harp. Also the harmonies are super cool!"

Listen to: Laurie and Jo on The Hill by Alexandre Desplat

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5. How To Train Your Dragon - Madie

"The movie soundtrack is one of my favourites!

Plus out of all of the soundtracks, I feel like you can tell the story.

Just in general, it makes me really happy."

Listen to: Romantic Flight by John Powell


6. One Piece: Film Red - Josh

"Aside from One Piece being my all time favourite show, this movie is based around a character named Uta, which in Japanese means “song.”

The real life singer is Wunderkind Ado who has an incredible vocal range and sings genres of J-Pop & RnB.

The whole soundtrack takes you on a journey throughout the whole movie with fast-pace songs and slower songs. It just gets you hooked the whole time you’re watching and listening. Overall, the soundtrack is a certified banger."


7. Inception - Tyler


8. Howl's Moving Castle - Darryl

"I watched the movie when I was a young child and the theme has stuck with me since then. I found the soundtrack very memorable since it's a waltz (a 3/4 time signature) and it can be danced to!

The dynamics as well as the transitions between each section are so beautiful and it tells a story! I feel as though I'm transported to another world every time I listen to it."

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9. The Tale of Princess Kaguya - Willow

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10. Prince of Egypt - Willow


11. Labyrinth - Willow


12. Shrek - Jack

"I really enjoy the chord progressions, the melodies, and the orchestration. In Eating Alone you get a super warm texture and a lovely slow melody played by a cello that interrupts the initial marimba."

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13. The Fellowship of The Ring - Sid

"Listening to The Shire just instantly transports me to that peaceful hobbit land. The piece sets the tone for the adventure that Frodo and Sam are about to go on! It makes me want to live in the shire!"

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14. Game of Thrones - Sid

"Okay, okay, I know this is technically a SHOW. But honestly most of the episodes of GoT are the length of a small movie anyways!

I highly recommend listening to Ramin Djawadi's Light of The Seven. The initial melody in the piano is beautiful, yet haunting. Then add in the strings and vocals, with the gradual build towards to peak of the piece... it's just so moving."

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15. Immortal Beloved - Kandice


17. Bridges of Madison County - Kandice

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Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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